Barukh She-Amar Elucidated I

June 17, 2009

EnglishA prominent fixture of the morning service is the ברוך שאמר. Together with its twin, the ישתבח, (see The Anatomy of a Beracha on this blog for an elaboration on the notion of “a blessing that leans onto another one,” which is why I call these each other’s twins) they frame the central recitation of Psalms and Hymns, setting the tone for our encounter with G”d, as we afterwards pronounce blessing after blessing, expressing our awe, giving thanks and petitioning G”d for our and our community’s needs. The section framed by the two blessings of ברוך שאמר and ישתבח is called פסוקי דזמרא – “Verses of Praise.”

The ברוך שאמר blessing is most sublime, intent on arousing within us the understanding that the chasm between Man and G”d is indeed infinite, which also serves to underline the miraculousness of prayer. Read the rest of this entry »