UK Commander Challenges Goldstone Report

Israel and its Defence Forces are once again being dragged through the mud, pelted with biased and untrue accusations, which has now resulted in a resolution of the UN Human Rights Council passing a draft resolution accepting some of the findings of the Goldstone Report (AP article). [Conveniently, only the part accusing Israel was mentioned by the UNHRC resolution, while the part accusing Hamas was mysteriously forgotten (Jerusalem Post article)]

This diplomatic bomb has the potential to cause loss of life among our brethren in Israel, as, in the words of John Bolton (WSJ editorial), this may bring about the diplomatic equivalent of “putting a loaded pistol to Israel’s head.”

A response against the Report’s vile accusations is in order, so I am interrupting regular programming to bring you the testimony to the UNHRC, of UK commander, Col. Richard Kemp, courtesy of UNWatch:

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