I am back

August 25, 2015

After a three month hiatus, during which a number of projects have kept me from posting, I am now back. Watch out for a number of new posts over the coming days.

Our Public Letter on Open Orthodoxy

November 8, 2013

EnglishBefore_email_4_Air_letter_from_Saltpond,_Ghana_to_Kabala,_Sierra_Leone_(West_Africa)_January_1968_(3703187062)The following public letter appeared last week in Haaretz. It being behind a paywall, I am including here a picture of the same letter as it appeared yesterday in the American Yated Neeman. Read also my article why I signed this letter. Read the rest of this entry »

I Made the Front Page…

October 21, 2013

English… and it’s not on a WANTED poster (though it’s not a postage stamp, either), the abbreviated German version of my article on the recent Pew survey of American Jews was featured on the front page of the Jüdische Allgemeine. Thank you Editor in Chief Mr. Kauschke.


Should we Give Up on Fighting Intermarriage?

October 10, 2013

EnglishTorahmusings.com has published an article of mine on intermarriage, Jewish identity and the findings of the most recent Pew Research Center survey on American Jews.

A teaser:

The Internet is abuzz over intermarriage and Jewish continuity but the focus is misplaced. The Pew Research Center recently published a survey of American Jews entitled “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” (link – PDF). The preceding weeks saw a flurry of articles arguing for and against accepting intermarriage, including a JTA article reporting on a recent convention of the largest Jewish Federation in the US, stressing what Jews everywhere have been noticing for decades, namely that intermarriage has become totally accepted in large segments of Jewish life … [CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE]

My Article on Psalm 46 is Now Downloadable

September 17, 2013

EnglishJBQ_414_coverBack in January I had reported that Jewish Bible Quarterly had published an article of mine. Initially, the article was only available to paid subscribers or perusers of the printed journal. Meanwhile, it became available for free download here.

The study of said psalm was prompted by the Japanese Tsunami, as I blogged previously.

Back From Hiatus

September 10, 2013

EnglishBack from hiatusDuring the last eight months I have hardly updated this blog, though not for a want of material. Actually, the opposite happened. I have written and recorded a significant number of shiurim, lectures and some essays, and between that other aspects of my work, as well the fact we were developing our rabbinate’s Facebook presence, I did not post much anything here. In the coming weeks, I should catch up and post many flashbacks so that material finally sees the light of electronic day.

My Article on Psalm 46 Has Been Published in JBQ

January 7, 2013

EnglishJBQ_414_coverJewish Bible Quarterly’s most recent issue includes an article of mine on Psalm 46. The study of said psalm was prompted by the Japanese Tsunami, as I blogged previously.