Conference of European Rabbis met in Belgrade

64px-John_E_Fry_Steadicam_Operator_UKEnglishEarlier this week, the Standing Committee of the Conference of European Rabbis met in Belgrade, Serbia. As part of our conference, we met with the president of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolić. Minority rights (both for Jews and Orthodox Christians), defence of Shechitá in Europe and of Israel in the community of nations, particularly at the various UN bodies were some of the pressing issues raised with the president. Below are some pictures from the trip.

Hebrew language news outlets reported more extensively on the meeting, such as here (Ynet), here (JDN) and here (Ladaat), as well as in print articles (see gallery below, click on images to read an article).

Some pictures from the trip

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Print articles in Hebrew reporting on some of the conference proceedings

One Response to Conference of European Rabbis met in Belgrade

  1. Mr. Cohen says:

    We must use the power of tefilah to combat the enemies of shechita and the enemies of Brit Milah and the enemies of the Talmud.

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