Berichte über die CER-Konferenz in Berlin

November 13, 2013

Deutsch64px-John_E_Fry_Steadicam_Operator_UKIch komme soeben zurück von der 28. Konferenz der CER (Conference of European Rabbis). Anbei einige Medienberichte.

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Media Reports from the Latest CER Conference

November 13, 2013

English64px-John_E_Fry_Steadicam_Operator_UKI just came back from the Berlin meeting of the Conference of European Rabbis, the twenty-eighth conference of the CER, marked ‘family, rabbi and community’, and marking a decade to the founding of the Conference of Orthodox Rabbis of Germany. At the top of the conference discussions are: the topic of Jewish rights in the continent – with an emphasis on ritual slaughter and circumcision, and practical ways to relieve the problem of agunos (abandoned wives). Read the rest of this entry »