Announcing My New Blog

DeutschFor the last two plus years I have maintained my web site at However, that web site is static and neither lends itself to interaction with you, dear web surfer, nor does it lend itself to quick updating. This blog will therefore henceforth be where the action is. Both new material and already published material will be made available for commenting upon, and the blog will generally be updated more often than the old site, which will remain active, however, while it is slowly supplanted.
Note that occasionally, material that will be transfered from the old site to here may be backdated.

The blog will be multilingual, including mostly English and German posts. Commenters are encouraged to post in the language in which the original post they are commenting upon is written, or otherwise default to English.

Comments will be allowed by both registered and unregistered users, but all comments will, at first, be moderated. Commenters are encouraged to utilize useful, unique monikers, so that one unregistered poster can be distinguished from another, without all being labeled “anonymous.”

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