Humans and Angels Tremble Alike in This Video Clip

DeutschRabbi Daniel Korobkin has just produced this timely 6 minute movie clip bringing the themes of the Unetane Toqef of the Rosh haShana liturgy alive. What do you think?

Note, Flash Player required (download it here).

In my opinion, this video clip very nicely balances our interlocking universal and parochial outlooks. Our concerns for the universal does not supplant our parochial responsibilities, but add to them.

One Response to Humans and Angels Tremble Alike in This Video Clip

  1. Mordechai Tzvi says:

    Wow! Amazing & terrifying! "me'éimas hadín"!!! Who can understand the depth of the judgment??
    I didn't know a thing about Naftaly (Anatoly) Smolyansky!! What a shock! He helped me so much while I was in LA…
    We all had an extremely hard year. "Tichle shonó v'kil'losého – Tochél shonó uvirchosého"!!!
    Let this year be a year of blessing & happiness for all of us with the final redemption – omein!!!

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