I sing, you sing, we sing

EnglishI am bringing the following once again to your attention:

Our festive tables are reminiscent of the holy altar that stood in the Beit haMiqdash in Yerushalayim, on which we, too, bring holy sacrifices. While we neither offer animal, nor other “real,” physical sacrifices on our festive tables (in fact, to do so would be strictly prohibited), we do offer our words of praise and song.

Most every Jewish home has several bentchers, zimronim or whatever you want to call them – booklets that comprise the various Kiddushim for Shabbat and Holidays, Birkat haMazon and various songs for the Shabbat table, these booklets barely contain any songs for the holidays.

What are we to sing in the Sukkah, or while munching on our matzot or once we are sated with the cheese cake on Shavu’ot (if we can keep our eyes open, that is, since it is customary and praiseworthy to study Torah during the entire first night of that holiday)?

Fear not, now I making my זמרון לשלשה רגלים – song booklet for the three festivals of Pessach, Shavu’ot and Sukkot available on-line, under a Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

This is a work in progress. Right now it only includes the Hebrew texts, however, I hope to add transcriptions in English and German, as well as translations. You may download the Zimron by clicking here.

Print it out on A6 paper (about 1/4 of Letter-Size). Or choose A5 (about 1/2 of Letter) so that those who lack stellar eyesight can still read it.

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