Chance Favors the Concentration of Wealth, Study Shows – What’s Torah’s Alternative?

Just saw this: Chance favors the concentration of wealth, study shows [PhysOrg]. Quite interesting and convincing, that save for corrective government action, over time, chance favors few people becoming mega rich while others become poor.

Contrast that with the biblical idea of Sabbatical and Jubilee years. In the beginning, land is distributed evenly. Then, every seven years, everyone effectively goes bankrupt (overdue loans are forgiven), and every fifty years, all agricultural land reverts to its original estate. That way, expertise, human capital can allow for accumulating wealth (no, you won’t lose your accumulated expertise on the Sabbatical year), so people can still get rich, work pays, but a limit is put on the systemic bias that may otherwise develop in favor of large, super wealthy landowners.

How could such a system be implemented in our financial (rather than agrarian) economies?

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