Speaking To Your Kids About Personal Safety

We are all devastated by the horrible murder of Leiby Kletzky. Slowly but surely, the suspicion is growing that Leiby knew his attacker. Indeed, most children who are abused or abducted suffer at the hand of people they knew, not complete strangers. Abusers may come from the circle of family and friends, or they may be strangers who have slowly groomed the kids, and even their families, to trust them.

Hence, to protect our children, it is not enough to teach them not to talk to strangers, tough that remains important, as ever. It is instead important to empower our children to seek protection even from people who may be close to them, and it is the parents’ responsibility to empower their kids, by talking to them about these matters.

However, parents who try to raise their kids in a wholesome, innocent environment stand before a dilemma, as they try to warn their kids without prematurely explaining the nature of sexuality and sexual abuse to them. In the following 30 minute video, the noted educater, R’ Yakov Horowitz shows how to go about developing this aspect of the parent-child relationship and how to protect both the integrity of the child’s body and soul. [Hat tip CF]

One Response to Speaking To Your Kids About Personal Safety

  1. Cheski says:

    Thanks for sharing! We saw this video already at home and think it is great, shared it with many of my contacts.

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